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Simplified Cloud-Powered Shared Hosting

Experience easy and affordable shared hosting with the strength of cloud technology. Get ready to find the perfect mix of simplicity and power for your online presence.

Explore Opportunities,
Not Hosting Concerns

URLStart simplifies cloud hosting, allowing you to concentrate on your business!

Turbocharge Your Speed

Are you wondering how our Cloud Hosting is so fast? We use LiteSpeed Webserver and cloud-based NVMe Solid State Disks on our Cloud Hosting. Combining the two will supercharge your website, resulting in incredibly fast loading times with optimization.

Scale Resource as Need

Increase your resources like RAM, CPU cores, and plan anytime. We all know that sometimes we don’t know how many resources our website needs, which is a critical decision when handling lots of traffic.

Fully Managed & Daily Backup

We will handle all server configurations for you so that you can work on your website straightforwardly, while we take care of the rest. Additionally, we perform daily data backups and store them securely in different locations to prevent any loss.

Choose your Cloud Hosting Plan

Select the optimal cloud hosting plan to experience unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability.


Great for beginners needing extra website or application power!




Save 40% with a 1-year term


Ideal for boosting your business or website's power as you scale!




Save 33% with a 1-year term


Perfect for professionals who need Ben10-level power.




Save 27% with a 1-year term

* The displayed price reflects a 3-year billing cycle with a discount applicable to the first invoice only.

Cloud Hosting Features

This unmatched level of flexibility empowers you to create a hosting environment that is truly tailored to your business, setting you apart from the competition and allowing you to achieve your goals with ease.

cPanel Control Panel

We’ve made it simple for your company to control website components such as files, emails, SSL, and security. Manage everything using the leading and easy-to-use cPanel.

LiteSpeed Webserver

We harness the power of a LiteSpeed web server and caching to ensure balanced availability between websites and servers, resulting in faster loading times than Apache and Nginx.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Included

Every site hosted with our Hosting Plans is fully secured with a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Unlock the green lock icon in the website address bar to maximize SEO potential.

Business Emails Included

Begin using spam-protected emails from your domain and cease reliance on commercial providers for email services. With webmail, you can manage your emails from any location and device.

One-Click Apps Installer

Install major Content Management System apps like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and more than 450 other apps in just a single click using the Softaculous App Installer.

Drag N Drop Website Builder

Begin constructing your website by dragging and dropping elements from available templates. Import the template, customize the content, and your website is ready for publication.

Run Mutiple Languages

You are not restricted to only PHP! You can run your applications or websites in many languages like Node.js, Python, Django, Ruby on Rails.

Malware & Virus Protection

With AI-powered security, your websites are free from malware and viruses. In case any malware is found, it will be automatically deleted.

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Compare All Our Cloud Hosting Plans

Easily compare our different plans and select the one that best suits your needs.

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Websites Allowed110Unlimited
Free Domain Name
NVMe SSD Storage50 GB150 GBUnlimited
cPanel Control Panel
Addon Domains
Parked Domains10100Unlimited
SSL CertificateUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Daily Backup
FTP Users550Unlimited
WordPress with Toolkit
File Manager
Backup Manager
Git Version Control
User Manager
Custom Error Pages
Cache Manager
Style and Preferences Management
Resource Usage Monitoring
Install Perl Modules
Change Language
Web Disk
Password Protection
Multiple PHP Support
Customizable php.ini
Cron Jobs
Install PHP PEAR Packages
Manage DNS
FTP Account Management
Virus Scanner
Apache Handlers Manager
Hotlink Protection
IP Deny Manager
Index Manage
MIME Types Manager
Redirect Manager
MySQL Databases220Unlimited
Remote MySQL
Email Accounts550Unlimited
Email ForwardersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AutorespondersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Attachment Limit50 MB50 MB50 MB
Roundcube Webmail
Outlook / Thunderbird / Mac Mail / Gmail
SPF and DKIM Support
Per Mailbox Storage1 GB1 GB5 GB
Email Sends Per Hour3060150
Web Application Firewall
Brute-force Protection
DDoS Protection
Network Firewall
Exploits and Malware Protect
Auto Malware Scan and Protection
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Account Isolation
CageFS Security
CloudLinux Servers
Mod Security
Apache with LiteSpeed
PHP 4.x to 8.x
NodeJS / ReactJS / AngularJS / ExpressJS
Terminal / SSH
WAF Protection
Gzip Compression
CPU (Core)112
Bandwidth (Traffic)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Concurrent Connections (EP)2550100
Number of Processes (nPROC)50100200
File (Inode) LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Cloud Hosting FAQs

Cloud Hosting leverages virtual resources from interconnected servers in a network to host websites and applications, diverging from traditional hosting reliant on a single physical server. This distributed approach fosters scalability and flexibility, enabling seamless adaptation to fluctuating resource demands and traffic spikes without downtime.

Beyond its scalability, Cloud Hosting boasts redundancy and fault tolerance by mitigating dependency on any single server. Additionally, it incorporates advanced features like automated backups, load balancing, and robust security measures to optimize performance and fortify against cyber threats.

Our Cloud Hosting mirrors traditional hosting but with enhanced speed and efficiency, owing to the collective power of multiple servers.

Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting represent distinct types of web hosting, each characterized by unique infrastructure and performance attributes.

Infrastructure: Shared Hosting operates on a single physical server, dividing its resources – CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth – among multiple hosted websites. This shared resource model can lead to performance impacts across all websites on the server. Conversely, Cloud Hosting utilizes a network of distributed servers, dynamically allocating resources across the virtualized network. This dynamic allocation enhances scalability, redundancy, and availability compared to traditional shared hosting.

Performance: Shared Hosting can suffer from performance degradation if one website monopolizes resources, affecting others on the same server. Conversely, Cloud Hosting’s resource allocation flexibility ensures consistent performance even during high-traffic periods. This results in faster load times and improved overall performance.

Scalability: Shared Hosting typically offers limited scalability, with fixed resources shared among multiple websites. In contrast, Cloud Hosting’s virtualized resources enable on-demand allocation, facilitating easy scalability based on website requirements. This scalability makes it ideal for websites with varying resource needs.

Reliability: Cloud Hosting generally delivers higher reliability and availability due to its distributed architecture, minimizing downtime risks from hardware failures. Shared Hosting, being dependent on a single server, may be more susceptible to downtime and performance issues.

Cost: Shared Hosting is typically more cost-effective, making it suitable for small websites or businesses with modest resource needs. Conversely, Cloud Hosting offers enhanced scalability, availability, and performance optimization, potentially resulting in higher costs.

In conclusion, Shared Hosting relies on a single server, making it more cost-effective, whereas Cloud Hosting utilizes multiple servers, resulting in faster performance albeit at a slightly higher cost. Cloud Hosting is particularly well-suited for websites experiencing high traffic volumes or running resource-intensive applications.

Cloud Hosting offers several advantages over traditional hosting methods. It provides superior scalability, allowing seamless adjustments to accommodate fluctuating resource requirements. Additionally, it ensures high availability through redundant infrastructure and failover mechanisms, enhancing overall reliability. Moreover, Cloud Hosting optimizes resource allocation, resulting in improved website performance and responsiveness.

Yes, one of the benefits of Cloud Hosting is the flexibility to upgrade resources like CPU and RAM, with capacities extending up to 8 GB, to match your website’s requirements. This scalability ensures uninterrupted service and minimal disruption to your website’s operations. Additionally, if you prefer, you can also opt to upgrade your hosting plan instead of individually increasing your RAM and Core allocations.

Cloud Hosting proves ideal for websites or businesses that experience fluctuating resource demands, high traffic volumes, and stringent performance standards. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to scale resources swiftly, ensuring optimal performance and availability even during peak periods or business expansions.

In Cloud Hosting, we implement comprehensive security protocols, including antivirus software, to combat malware and infected files. This additional layer of protection enhances the overall security posture, ensuring that your website and data remain shielded from potential threats. Alongside measures such as firewalls, regular backups, and security patches, antivirus software plays a crucial role in safeguarding your online assets. However, it’s essential to remain vigilant and employ best practices to mitigate risks effectively.

Yes, our Faster and Fastest plans allow you to host multiple websites on the same plan. Additionally, you can create email accounts, apply SSL, and perform other tasks, just as you would for the primary domain. All of these features are accessible from the same dashboard provided in the control panel.

We provide website migration services to seamlessly transfer your website from another hosting provider to ours. Our meticulous migration process ensures compatibility with the new hosting environment, minimizing any potential issues or downtime for your website.

No, there are no restrictions on the traffic your website can receive. It all depends on factors such as your website usage, cron, RAM, core consumption, and more. Additionally, you can increase your RAM to 8 GB and your core to 8 without experiencing any downtime.

We provide round-the-clock support via multiple channels including live chat, email, and phone. Our team ensures reliable and responsive assistance, promptly addressing any technical issues or queries you may have regarding your cloud hosting account.

Certainly! We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee specifically for our Cloud Hosting services if purchased for more than 1 year. Otherwise, if you are on our monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually plans, then it’s only 3 days.